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We are MISS GORGEOUS, a Colombian agency dedicated to finding your perfect girlfriend, whether for a moment or for a long, long time. Our team of bilingual and professional agents is characterized by providing you with complete advice so that you can obtain the support you want.
​ About our models we can only tell you, each one has "its spice", we assure you that our models will give you class, kindness and sensuality. Beautiful women with great altruism and an emphasis on real connection, they are professionals or students and always very honest, calm and willing to please you. We choose names of precious stones, like themselves, the most precious. Our models are in three categories; SILVER category, GOLD category and VIP category.​
We are an agency to look for love, or to look for fun with your love. Appointments are booked with a man, woman or couple. We provide accompaniment to hotels, motels or places previously analyzed by our team of agents to also provide security to our models. We provide services in Bogotá, Cartagena and Medellín. ​
MISS GORGEOUS accompanies you throughout the entire process so that you have the best experience, confidently tell us what you want so we can make your wish come true. Talk to us with complete confidence, we assure you that all data is confidential and because of this it is not shared with absolutely anyone. Tell us exactly what you want, so we can have better communication and the best, 100% personalized for 
With love

... ♥CEO♥
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